Cindy Tillman
                                           Phone # 715-627-1813
                             Email:  [email protected]


                                  Puppies are shown by appointment ONLY!


                               I have taken my address off my website due to people

                  coming without appointments. This has put my dogs in harms way to

                  be injured due to excitement or someone to get hurt either by the

dogs or the horses. Though we appreciate your enthusiasm for a new

pet, this is our home, and not a pet shop. We are not open  from 8:00

to 8:00. We have medical appointments, vet appointments, family

outings, dinner with friends, shopping, ect... Although we are almost

always home, or have someone puppy-sitting,  it is in the best safety

of my home, pets, and you  that you give notice before visiting. We

are very flexible and will try to accomodate your schedule, so please

respect our schedules in return and make an appointment

While Visiting     When you make an appointment, please do not make an appointment to

see our puppies when you are out holding and looking at other puppies.

Disease is often spread this way. Though my puppies are well protected,

others you have visited may not be, also we have newborns. Please do not

endanger our dogs, our puppies, and the puppies that will go to your own

homes. Our puppies are given shots before even visiting the vet. This way we

know that they are protected from diseases of other pets before ever leaving

our home. Please respect that.

    It is of great importance that you understand that not all breeders or

individuals selling puppies vaccinate before their pups are exposed to illnesses

and diseases.

**We do our best to sell happy, healthy puppies and we need your cooperation to maintain our standards. **



                       Thank You                 267251DS